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Color Selection - Consultation Services By Atlanta, Deck Doctor

Color Consultation Services

We offer our color selection consultation  services free of charge to all our deck, fence, house restoration customers. We will help you in selecting a color that will go well with your house. How do we accomplish this?

  • Vast image gallery from previous jobs – We can tap into our vast library of previous deck, and fence restoration jobs to find a color that you like.
  • Color samples applied on sample¬† pieces of wood – We have plenty of wood scrap pieces with different types of stains, sealers that you can select from.
  • Color wheels – We can help you select a color with our many color wheels – whether a semi-transparent stain, semi-solid, or solid stain we can find a color that you will love.
  • Actual samples on your decks, fences, home – We can put actual stain on an inconspicuous area of your deck, fence, or house so you can actually see the color on your exterior surfaces. Of all the color selection options we offer this is the most effective.

For stains we already stock such as TWP, cabot semi transparents there is no charge for any of the options – for semi-solid-and solid stains we do have to charge for the stain as these colors have to be custom tinted. We do, though offer free application of these stains. We believe our color selection services are unmatched by the competition.

If for some reason you’re still having a difficult time selecting a color we can refer you to a professional color consultant which specializes in finding colors that coordinate and seamlessly fit your home’s surroundings – eg home paint color, roofing shingles, landscaping, etc.

Stuck trying to figure out a perfect color for your deck? Give us a shout – we can meet up with you and discuss not only color options, but product options as well.

You can reach us anytime by phone,text at 404.992.4870, or by clicking the button below.

Thank you – Atlanta Deck Doctor

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