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Carpenter Bee Damage Repair By Atlanta Deck Doctor
Carpenter Bee Damage Repair By Atlanta Deck Doctor

Carpenter Bee Damage Repair

Atlanta Deck Doctor offers our carpenter bee damage repair as a courtesy to our existing customers. We know that filling unsightly holes from your decks handrails, spindles will make your deck look infinitely better,

To be brief here is how we do it, and some suggestions as well:.

Our carpenter bee damage repair process:

Carpenter bee holes can be as small as the tip of an eraser head or large and wide where woodpeckers peck at larvae – We typically suggest using a dissecant powder to kill any larvae that might be deep in the holes, channels, or chambers. Once the larvae are dead we can proceed with filling the holes.

We use copper steel wool as it will prevent any future burrowing and act as a firm backing for our stainable, paintable solvent based wood fillers.

Once we’ve stuffed all crevices with copper steel wool, we apply two coats of solvent based wood filler (quick drying) with a thorough sanding between coats. The solvent based wood filler will accept stains and look natural as wood does – (there will be a slight difference and be somewhat noticeable, but infinitely better than the hole there before).

Once we’ve sanded the second coat thoroughly we can apply stain, sealer to the deck – for an extra measure of prevention we can apply varnish to these areas – carpenter bees will touch the varnish and believe it is glass and move on.

If you’ve got a little carpenter bee damage, or a few areas we’d love to hear from you – We reply to all messages quickly usually within the hour or less so give us a shout, we can provide you with an obligation free quote , and get you on your way to making those unsightly carpenter bee holes disappear! Click on the button below, or call/text us at 404.992.4870

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